HONEY ROASTED BAR NUTS - mixed nuts, honey glazed$6

MARINATED OLIVES - Andalusian, Castelvetrano & Nocellara greens, Ligurian black,                                herbs & citrus rind, olive oil  $6

BURRATA - pesto of basil, pine nuts & olive oil, sea salt, sprouted basil, toasted baguette  $11

CHIPS AND GUACAMOLE - crisp tortilla chips & guacamole $10

MUCHO NACHOS - poblano and corn rajas, black beans, jalapeños, beef picadillo, and cheese drizzled over hot, crispy tortilla chips $15

GREEN BEANS & YUZU MUSHROOMS - steamed and chilled green beans, yuzu pickled mushrooms, miso-ginger vinaigrette $10

CLASSIC SHRIMP COCKTAIL - steamed & chilled shrimp, tangy cocktail sauce, charred lemon  $12              



CHILLED GAZPACHO - refreshing & cool, spicy tomato & vegetables, yogurt dollop                              splash of olive oil  $8

POKE POKE - Ahi tuna sashimi over steamed rice, sesame seaweed salad, vegetables,                             spicy Kewpie aioli, tobiko & a big tempura shrimp  $15

LITTLE GEMS - little gem lettuce, roasted fennel & carrots, grilled asparagus,                                    crumbled farmers cheese, toasted almonds, orange-honey vinaigrette  $16

SALAD NICOISE - Tonggol tuna salad, red Cerignola olive, watermelon radish, tomato                     green beans, potato, fresh cucumber ranch dressing  $16 




THE GENUINE BURGER - Double Black Angus patties grilled with sauce dijonnaise,                           classic American cheese, homemade sliced dill pickles   $15

jUMBO EISENBERG BEEF FRANKFURTER - steamed in beer, grilled with pico de gallo,                              Sri racha aioli, onion jam & maple glazed bacon, poppy seeded brioche bun  $10

SMOKED BRISKET - hardwood smoked slow & low, our BBQ sauce, topped with cole slaw  $15

SALMON - grilled with charred lemon, yogurt & mint Tzatziki, asparagus & fennel root  $21

BBQ RIBS - house smoked with cherry & hickory, bourbon BBQ sauce  $15 half / $28 full





Vanilla & Burnt Caramel Flan $7

Valhrona Guanaja Chocolate Pot de Creme with Oreo crumble $8

The Flower Pot  layers of chiffon cake, cream cheese & strawberry compote topped with crumbled Oreo cookie $8